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Individual Instruction

Do you want to play in a band, orchestra, or other ensemble?  Do you want to sing and play for your friends and others?  Do you intend to play more than one instrument throughout your lifetime?  Do you hope to get a scholarship to college for music?  Do you write your own original music or songs?  Do you want to play pop, blues, folk, bluegrass, or jazz?

Your goals as a musician are important to me! 

Whether you are most interested in learning to sing and play for friends and family, or in starting from the ground up and using the ukulele as your ‘starter instrument,’ I do my best to tailor lessons to an individuals goals and interests.

Based on your goals, the following lesson styles are available:

Theory-based lessons:  will teach you the basics in how to read and write music, pick out melodies, scales and leads, and understand harmonic structure.  Material covered will include the James Hill ukulele method workbooks, as well as songs or pieces of your own choosing.

Performance / ear training-based lessons: will concentrate less on learning to read and more on learning to hear chord changes, play different styles of strums, fingerstyle techniques, singing while playing and performance skills.  Material covered ranges in style. Students are encouraged to bring in songs that they would like to play.

Ukulele Workshops

Beginner Ukulele: A Very Good Place To Start  (Level 1)

Starting at the beginning is always a good idea!

Learn how to name and tune your strings, proper ukulele posture,

hand position, strum positions, and how to switch between chords quickly and easily in the key of C.   We will start off with a few two chord songs and we may even write one of our own!

Old Time is a Good Time:

Intro to Ukegrass Jamming (Level 2)

Want to join in on the fun without feeling (completely) lost?  

Learn jam etiquette, song leading,  basic chord families, and

tips on soloing - with great Old Time and Bluegrass standards!

Newgrass Ukulele Basics (Level 3)

Already know how to jam, and want to practice your lead skills?

Ready to learn some new strumming techniques that will make you an asset to a multi-instrumental jam?   Just want to add some Old Time & standard Bluegrass tunes to your reportoire?   Learn chord families up and down the neck, percussive strumming, and basic soloing practice.

Spice Up Your Strum (Level 2-4)

Great at chord changes but tired of using that same old strum?  Wish you could sound like you had a drummer backing you up?  Learn the basics of percussive strumming techniques: Slapping, Pulling, Chunking, Flicking, and Tapping, while playing familiar songs.

Pop Goes The World (Level 1-2)

When you leave this workshop, you’ll be able to play hundreds of new songs!  Popular chord progressions are often simple and easy to learn.  Heard it on top 40 radio?  You’ll be able to play it in no time - whether that radio was playing in the 70s, 80s, 90s or today!

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Being part of a ukulele orchestra is an experience unlike anything else.  Made up of players of all skill levels, we will take songs (or pieces of music) and break them down into arrangements of several parts.  Ideally, even a beginner with a good sense of timing can play with the whole group, while advanced players take on the more complex parts.  In order for this group to be successful, it is a good idea to start practicing your basic music-reading skills.

Beginner-Intermediate Ukestra:

Learn the basics of reading music, strum, fingerpick and sing in three  musical keys, play and practice a range of songs chosen by the group.

More advanced players are encouraged to join the Ukestra as volunteers, and assist with arrangement and instruction of parts.

Private instruction is offered in ukulele, voice, and performance skills.  

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