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Are you ready to Ukulele?  Register Here!

Three Camp Sessions to choose from

Different classes offered each session

Beginners, Advanced Beginners, and Intermediate Players welcome

When are camp sessions?

June 20-24, June 27-July 1, and August 8-12.

For course descriptions, here is a link to the 2016 Ukulele Camp 2016 Brochure.pdf

What classes are offered each session?

Session 1 (June 20-24)

10:05 -10:50am:  Ukulele Jump Start 1.0 (total beginners)

11:05-11:50am: Ukulele Jump Start 2.0 (advanced beginners)

12:05-12:50pm: Jamming 101 (adv. beginners & intermediate levels)

Session 2 (June 27-July 1)

10:05-10:50am: Sounds of Hawai’i (all levels)

11:05-11:50am: Strum Theory (all levels)

12:05-12:50pm: Fun with Fundamentals: Music Reading on Ukulele (all levels)

Please note: complete beginners would need to take Jump Start 1.0 above before joining session 2 classes

Session 3 (August 8-12)

10:05-10:50am: Newgrass Ukulele (all levels)

11:05-11:50: Intermediate Topics in Ukulele (intermediate players)

12:05-12:50pm:  Reading and Rhythm Ukulele Band (beginning & intermediate music readers)

Where can I get a description of the individual classes?

Here is a link to the Ukulele Camp 2016 Brochure.pdf

Where are camp sessions?

At Music Connection, located near the corner of East and Cohasset, ‘way back’ in the parking lot next to Spiteri’s Deli.  (973 East Ave #V, Chico, CA 95926). 

How much does it cost?

$60 per person, per class, for each week’s session.  Price includes all materials.  Students are expected to bring their own ukulele.

What do the different levels of Camp sessions mean?

Total Beginners: may have never picked up an ukulele before, or have learned a few chord shapes but cannot switch between them easily.  Jump Start 1.0 covers how to hold the ukulele, two strumming techniques, chords in the key of C, and reading and playing the pentatonic scale.  All participants are encouraged to sing.  Total beginners who would like to continue their learning curve are encouraged to join Sounds of Hawai’i, Fun with Fundamentals, and Newgrass Ukulele in second and third sessions.

Advanced Beginners: Are familiar with the C, Am, F, and G chords, and can switch between them with relative ease.  Jump Start 2.0 covers chords in the keys of G and D (including your first Barre Chord), take home rhythm exercises to improve our strum regularity, and reading and playing the pentatonic and C scales.  All participants are encouraged to sing.  Advanced beginners are encouraged to join Sounds of Hawai’i, Strum Theory, Fun with Fundamentals, and Newgrass Ukulele

Intermediate Players:  Are familiar with C, Am, F, G, D, Em, A, and Bb chords, and can switch between them easily.   They are also able to pick out a melody (using either tab or notation) on their own.  We will work on material that requires the combination of our skills - chord playing, picking, and listening.  All participants are encouraged to sing. Intermediate players are encouraged to join Jam Practice, Strum Theory, Fun with Fundamentals, Newgrass Ukulele, and Intermediate Topics in Ukulele

For players of all levels who are interested in reading music and performing with an ensemble, Fun with Fundamentals will prepare you for the Reading and Rhythm Ukulele Band

What if I (or my child) am not sure what level I should sign up for?

You are welcome to call with any questions: (530) 424-8853

What is the class size?

Class size is intentionally kept small, between 4 to 8 students. 

How long do the classes last each day?

Class will last 45 minutes, with 5 minutes at the end for any last minute questions, and a 5 minute window on each side for arrival and departure of students.  We will start 5 minutes after the hour, and finish ten minutes before.

(Note: Reading and Rhythm class will last 10 minutes longer.)

I have another question that is not answered here.  What should I do?

Great! Call or text Mandalyn at 530 424-8UKE, and she will get back to you within 48 hours. (Probably much sooner, but I do like to turn off my phone “1999 style,” and do not always check messages the instant it is turned back on.)