Mandalyn May
Lyric Driven Folk that Pops!

My mom & dad, all my siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, sister-in-law, and nephew:)

My friends, whom I have adopted, and other friends, who have adopted me! 

Mays, McClellands, McCollisters, Lockharts, Greens, Hartsmiths, Herbsts, Kurzfelds, Rawsons, Tembys, Taylors, Riches, The Tea Farm, the infamous Building Tribe, Marcassie Farm, Knockengorroch Farm and Festival Volunteers, Mountain Village Hobos, Solar Living Institute, Sierra Club, Sacramento Ukes & Stuff, Women’s Herbal Symposium and the Givers of the Medicine Stick, Bamboo DNA and everyone who worked on the Starscraper 09, the Grannies, the Saturday Afternoon Club, the Richmond Free House, LAHF, Sons of Jefferson, the Upcreek Drifters, the Slim Pegs, Blue Sun, Strawberry Music Festivals, High Sierra, The Tehama Gold Family, the Mystic Garden Party, American River Music Camp, ukulele clubs of Berkeley and Santa Cruz, my friends on YouTube, the cast of Dirty Dancing (US Premiere), the 52 Week Club, ASCAP, Topanga Banjo Fiddle Fest, Songmaker’s, the West Coast Songwriters, PAs who wore NB403s in 2000 and the ADs who told us where to go, everyone who stayed in NY after 9/11,    NIC and CU Women’s Crew, the College of Athena and the Dancing Bear, the Party Staff, Kulak’s Woodshed, Parish Publick House, the Maiden Publick House, Bustolini’s Deli, KZFR, MaMuse, Happy Corner, Freedom Dance, the Cozmic Cafe, Cafe Culture... 

I am truly blessed that our paths have crossed! 

I love and thank you all! 

Que viva Honduras!  (trust me, you had to be there)



The following families, people, and organizations have been instrumental in helping me achieve a balanced personal worldview, a love of music, and a willingness to follow my calling even when it is difficult, embarrassing and / or theoretically impossible. I have chosen to name people in groups (through which I met them) rather than individually.

They are listed in no specific order, and I love them (you) all! 

and thank You for being Here!!

Thank you for being there!!