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Note to self... this might actually be better in a blog format - including pictures when I can.

The Timeline: aka, long story short.   I’m on the right path.  I don’t know where it’s going to lead me, I only know where I’ve been, and all of the crazy twists and turns I’ve taken in the journey just to get here.   My name is Mandalyn... I very well May be addicted to Making Music...  and these are some of the hops, skips, and jumps I’ve been taking along the way!  

My disclaimer: It’s strange deciding what goes on this page.  I really like looking back at the experiences I’ve had and the people I’ve met - and how small moments or chance encounters Change Everything - a little bit at a time!   Many significant people will not be mentioned here - so many side stories that are kept in my heart but don’t connect in a neat and simple timeline - but are loved all the same!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

In case you’re wondering, this page starts with the most recent entries first... scroll down to the bottom & read ‘up’ if you want to take the journey in its timely fashion!

dec Idaho

November.  Baby watch!  gigs?

October - Chico via vera and speeding ticket; three radio shows.

September - Fall Strawberry - chick wagon

August - American River Music Camp

July - Mystic Garden Party, Campfire Fest.  Splinter. 

June - High Sierra

May - at tatiana’s recording in a cave, also go to the spring strawberry music fest and sing on the breakfast club stage.  sing the national anthem for the whiffle ball game.


march?  open for a few bands

feb needs dates - play at the parish, and in big sur

feb - tea farm and larry and his flask, santa cruz.  Jesse gives me Erik’s number to play at the Parish.  I am scared to call him but I do it anyway.  ... also meet Jeff Coleman

jan decide that I’m going to give this a shot.  After all, if I’m going to lose money doing anything, making music is just as good as wandering about selling real estate...

dec open mic ny to get over fear of singing in front of others

Scotland - Pirate party at the farm!  More or less my first time playing with other folks - bass, drums, etc:). 

Life is funny.  Visit Edinburgh and promptly get the swine flu.  On Facebook, several friends concurrently post things like ‘way to go Mandy, living the dream!’ while I hole up at the farm for recovery.   Some recording with David.  Lots of talk about making a music video, but no time and no organization.  I rig up a holster for my iPhone and make my first YouTube video with it:)

Finish writing ‘Over You’ while waiting to catch the bus from London to Inverness.  (missed the plane, but that’s another story;)  Meet the folks at Marcassie Farm.  Studio... not exactly what I expected, nor is it up and running, but David works all month on getting the computers to stop crashing!  Go to Knockengorroch Music Fest!!  (& write ‘Come Again’ on the bus there). The most lovely group of people and quite possibly the best happy accidental opportunity of my life so far.  Opening band cancels - as I’ve shown up with instruments (uke and dulcimer), the assumption is made that I’m a performer.*  5 questions later, I’m the new opening act!  The organizers like me, so I get to play again the following day!

        (*I’d written plenty of songs at this point, but until this experience, had only ever performed for friends or for writers nights - ie, only about 3 songs in a row, with lots of practice all day... so playing for an hour was quite a stretch!  Sang some a capella, borrowed a guitar from Paddy, and switched instruments nearly every song to buy enough time to fill it:)

Am consistently freaked out about changing my life path.  Lots of doubt and fear, mixed with the irritating certainty that change and growth are necessary if I’m going to start liking my life again.  (It’s been a while.)  In the midst of this, I decide that I don’t want to take my guitar to Scotland.  Too big.  I can borrow one if necessary.  I look up ukuleles on Craigslist and find a Johnson Soprano for $25.  The love affair begins!  Start writing ‘Over You’ immediately.

Somewhat concerned that I may be going off the deep end, I decide to use my credit cards to pay for some therapy.   Having to be somewhat accountable to someone once a week is a little odd, but does do the job of keeping me from getting stuck in my fear of doing new things.   Leave the country?   Make music?  Who, me? 

Screw the real world, I’m going to Scotland (haha).  Make a plan to use my air miles and cross the pond - ostensibly to record some music with friends of friends - while volunteering at music festivals to make new friends.   Perhaps in order to prepare, I start taking a performance workshop at Kulak’s

Bamboo DNA is going to Coachella!  And I get to come too:)  Write three songs while I am there, and start to realize... when you hang out with people who are clearly following their path, and their whole being and energy is being directed in a positive way... you can feel that energy.  And if you’re *not* following your own right path, you can feel that too.  ::sigh:: How exactly does one go about making music?   (on purpose?  for a living?)

While on a real estate research trip, visit D. on the way down from the Bay Area.  Write Water 2 Wine in the car on the way to San Luis Obispo (can’t help it, driving through vinyards all the way there).  Bamboo building project for Coachella music fest is in the works this weekend.  I meet a whole crew of folks with Bamboo DNA and the gypsies that help them pull it all together.  Plus learn to make cool knots and stuff.  And use power tools while standing atop pallopas.  Good, Dirty-Clean Fun!   I do sing one song around the campfire.  Coffee and Wine.  It’s a sing-along:)

Wish I knew how to make a living making music, but I don’t. So I drive all over the state looking for real estate for friends (yep, I have a license) instead.  Real world, indeed.

Back in the car and head for LA.  The money I left to keep a few things in storage for six months will keep me housed till the end of the month there.  Tom says  “Back to the real world.”  I don’t want to go.

Don’t want to leave and am invited to hang out.  We caravan to Knight’s Ferry & visit Rick’s and Benny’s.  Caves beneath the winery, very cool.  Everyone starts singing songs.  At some point Willy asks me if I have one, so I sing the one I just wrote.  Willy makes me go sing for Rick and Charlie.  Charlie gives me a $20 to sing 2 more.  We only have time for one so I owe him one.  If I could figure out how to do this for the rest of my life, I think I’d be okay.   Find out about the 52 week club.  Start writing songs right away.  (Let it Lie and Blood on the Rocks)

Tea Farm!  Great night of music.  Willy & Bethany Tea put on a great event in their barn.  Amber Cross, Chris Doud, Tom VandenAvond, the Professor, a poet or two, Abe and his skits, and the band of the evening, Larry and His Flask.  Really great performances all around.  Go to sleep at 1:00am but get up again at 4.  Willy’s asleep on the barn floor but Mary, Bethany, Ian, Jesse, and Erik are still up.  Jamming, singing & talking.  LAHF guys just made the decision to stop paying rent and tour full time.  Something about it being too expensive to pay rent *and* make bail for getting arrested for playing on the streets in different towns?  Love them, Love being here.  Write a song while falling asleep.  (it’s still in a notebook somewhere.)

Amber Cross emails me about a show she’s playing.  At some Tea Farm, in the middle of nowhere, CA.  I need to be near some music.


Happy Birthday to me.  Midnight at the police station.  Car is returned - minus belongings (yes, including the box of songs.)  LAME. (but way better than not getting the car back at all, right?)

Left LA for Berkeley and Architecture school.  Finish a song on the way up (Finding My Faith).  Car and all belongings are stolen while interviewing for apartment.  Important Realization #1: All I really care about is the box of songs in my car... that is now missing. 

Wait, I had a life before 2009? 

Somebody should’ve told me.  I would’ve taken more notes. 

Ha.  yeah.  well, here on the interweb, there’s always room for more.

But right now I’m concentrating on updating the present. 

So stay tuned, ‘cause this story is just getting started!!












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