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Lyric Driven Folk that Pops!

Playing Music is a skill

that anyone can master!

All it takes is a desire to learn, and the willingness to practice.

Practicing music regularly will help you:

  1. -Develop muscle memory

  2. -Strengthen the connections between the left and right hemispheres of the brain

  3. -Strengthen focus and attention

  4. -Improve hand-eye and ear-throat coordination

  5. -Improve skills in listening, cooperation, and following directions

  6. -Have a positive impact on both stress and happiness levels

  7. -Develop awareness that making slow and steady progress towards a goal is not only possible, but is an excellent way to approach learning in any field

Additional Offerings:

Performance Opportunities:

Students who have reached the advanced beginner level may be invited to join a small performance group.  Past performances have occured at: Roseleaf and Amber Grove retirement centers, Downtown Holiday Preview, Saturday Farmer's Market, Endangered Species Faire, and a Ukestravaganza benefit concert for CHAT and Ukes in Schools.

Small Group Sessions: Group

lessons can be requested for students  entering at the same age and ability level, who get along well in a learning environment.

Common Core:  Music can be a doorway into other subjects.  Songs that supplement beginning Mandarin, Spanish, and CA History can be taught by request, and custom curricula can be created to assist in your educational goals.

Video Production**

Performance: Offered to current students.  Improve your stage presence and get comfortable in front of the camera! 

Videography: * Learn the basics of budgeting, storyboarding, casting, lighting, shooting and editing short stories or music videos.

    *pre-registration consultation required

    **Students will use their own devices or phones for storyboarding, recording and editing. Backdrop, greenscreen, and in studio lighting provided.